HOLOPHRENIC CONFERENCE | Interfaces of Invisible Music and New Scriptures.

SNCA 2017 Ongoing
Derivatives of Holophrenic Theater : "Project supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts"
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The Holophrenic Conference is a hybrid presentation about the physicality of virtuality, where reflections of a poetic nature and demos are shared with live activated apps, from the perspective of transmedia, digital technologies, and dreams as a ritual tool and science fiction.

This conference is considered itself as a perfomative piece, guided by a score of actions and demonstrations sharing the progress of the HOLOPHRENIC THEATER project, and what better way to talk about the Holophrenic than in a format of representation, interpretation and reading of extended realities and immersion, where the activation of the interfaces is part of the explanation.

Below I share a selection of videos with the research and development of the different Interfaces I have developed from 2017 to date as part of the HOLOPHRENIC THEATER project.

Holophrenic Codex: Future dreams interface for invisible music. V.01 [full map, 08/13/19]:
"It took 35 million years for technology to advance sufficiently and so to discover hidden messages in codices and hieroglyphics ... "Excerpt from Book 3 of 'The Great Death [Wetware 1988-2020]'".


Cutaneous Interface [10/03/19]:


Holophrenic Orchestrator v.01.2018 and 3D Sonification of VR Scores


Holophrenic Orchestrato v.02.2019:
New version of the Orchestrator for sensors, I.A., drumsticks and drums.
Currently there have been live concerts and presentations with this interface in CDMX electronic and experimental music clubs.
The Orchestrator is ideal for venues and concert halls that have Full Frequency Range Sound System and Subwoofer. NOTE: The new version of the Orchestrator is only contemplated in concert format and will not be integrated into the Holophrenic Conference, but if you want me to perform it live, it will be presented as a second activity and event under the name of Holophrenic Theater.


Transmedia [1988-2020]:

Over the table sci-fi/dream texts from 1988 to 2004. 913 pages: "This is the love story between an I.A. (artificial intelligence) and a strange non-human entity created alongside human extinction."


5 | kwaɪər [CHOIR]
Shared Dream Interface: Video -> Closing of the HOLOPHRENIC CONFERENCE v.01 as part of the 2018 IMMERSIVE FESTIVAL
Commissioned by the BBVA-CCD Laboratory of Immersion, Mexico City




Archive | 2018 Holophrenic Conference, Text [First Edition]
Mapping and virtual counter-representation of reality (in the existence in dreams).

* The invention and use of the term Holophrenic, is a game derived from the word holography (all, whole, complete ...) and schizophrenia (divide, splitor break understanding, reason, or mind). If a being argues that he learned to sing while sleeping, what would it be like, to be all inside of the same dream or bring knowledge and sound and narrative interfaces inspired by dreams?

The Holophrenic Conference is a shared collective audio/vision exercise, as well as a hybrid abstraction and presentation about virtuality and reality.
Dreams are among the oldest uncontrolled virtual reality and immersion devices.




+ Experimental Publications | Online Downloads 2019
Holophrenic Trilogy:

1] The Death of the Anthropocene [Berlin-Mexico 2017] | Radio Drama German Version @ Festival CTM y Deutschlandradio Kultur
2] Antagony. Virtual Reality Chamber Opera [Mexico 2016-2018] @ Support Program for Production and Research in Art and Media. Multimedia Center
3] Tulpa 'The Book of Dreams' [Mexico 2018] Residence and Commission, Augmented Reality Project @ Laboratory of Immersion BBVA-CCD, Center for Digital Culture. Ongoing: Exhibition Itinerancy Program 2019.